Sunday, June 26, 2011

A foreign flavor

There was an obvious theme in this year's NBA Draft. The large number of foreign players drafted this year is leaving many questions for the fans of these NBA teams. Sports Spin will be doing a series of articles telling you about these players.

Enes Kanter: #3 Utah Jazz- Statistically Enes Kanter looks like a below average player. He played about 100 minutes in his 08-09 season overseas. Regardless of this, his intangibles are what made him such an attractive player. He is the classic European big man; he demonstrates an wide array of post moves, can shoot from the outside, and can appear flashy at times. His 6,11 frame and 7 foot wingspan is going to make him the biggest body the Jazz have. He fits well into the system, but will struggle to adjust to NBA life in his early years in the league. The 82 game schedule could turn out to be his nemesis, making him weary easily and increasing his risk to injury. At the end of the day I see Kanter as the of the European players who could have been. I do not see him developing his intangibles fully and becoming a productive NBA player.-Josh Neighbors

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