Friday, October 29, 2010

Homecoming Hangover?

      Coming off a massive win against Oklahoma, Missouri goes to Lincoln, Nebraska to face The Cornhuskers. Blaine Gabbert and this high-powered offense looked really good last week. Gabbert was 30/42 for 308 yards and 1 score. De'Vion Moore had 10 carries for 73 yards and a touchdown.  They also returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown.       Nebraska has 1 loss coming into this game. Taylor Martinez has to get this offense back on track if they want to compete with The Tigers. This Nebraska secondary has struggled. The offense must be ready to go. This will be a high-scoring game. Missouri needs to make sure they avoid a homecoming hangover on the road.-Josh Neighbors


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Picks Week 9

The picky guys are back at work this week after a week off.

West Virginia VS Connecticut              Anbdrew/Vince.UConn        Josh/Nash/Ranny/Connor.WVU
Florida State vs NC State              Josh/Ranny/Nash.FSU             Andrew/Vince/Taylor/Connor.NCSU        
Oklahoma State vs Kansas State         Andrew/Vince/Ranny/Nash/Taylor/Josh/Connor.OK State           .KSU
Miami vs Virginia           Vince/Josh/Ranny/Taylor/Nash/Connor .Miami             Andrew.Va                                      
Clemson vs Boston College               Vince/Andrew/Josh/Ranny/Taylor/Nash/Connor.Clem     .BC                   
Louisville vs Pittsburgh               Taylor/Ranny/Nash.L’ville                     Andrew/Vince/Josh/Connor.Pitt                        
Syracuse vs Cincinati               Vince/Josh/Ranny.Cuse            Andrew/Nash/Taylor/Connor.Cinci                       
Tennessee vs South Carolina        Nash.Tenn         Andrew/Vince/Josh/Taylor/Ranny/Connor.USC                
Michigan State vs Iowa               Vince/Andrew/Nash/Ranny.MSU        Josh/Taylor/Connor.Iowa                       
Missouri vs Nebraska           Vince/Josh.Mizzou        Andrew/Nash/Taylor/Ranny/Connor.Neb                         
Arizona vs UCLA               Vince/Josh/Taylor/Ranny/Connor.Arizona         Andrew/Nash.UCLA                        
Florida vs Georgia             Taylor/Nash/Ranny.Fla             Vince/Andrew/Josh/Connor.UGA                                     
California vs Oregon State     Vince/Andrew.Cal       Josh/Taylor/Nash/Ranny/Connor.OSU                         
Texas Tech vs Texas A&M              Josh/Nash/Ranny/Taylor.TTU     Vince/Connor.TAMU                 
Auburn vs Mississippi           Nash/Ranny/Taylor/Connor.AU          Vince/Andrew.Miss        
Stanford vs Washington       Vince/Andrew/Josh/Ranny/Nash/Taylor/Connor.Stan            .Wash
Utah vs Air Force             Josh/Ranny/Taylor/Nash/Connor.Utah             Vince/Andrew.AFA  
Oregon vs USC              Vince/Andrew/Josh/Nash/Ranny/Taylor/Connor.Oregon        .USC
Michigan vs Penn State        Andrew/Vince/Josh/Ranny/Nash/Taylor/Connor.Mich             .PSU    
Colorado vs Oklahoma        .Colo            Vince/Andrew/Josh/Taylor/Nash/Ranny/Connor.Okla

Monday, October 25, 2010

Repeating Sequence?

Duke is not going to win this years NCAA basketball title because of the loss of three key players. These players are Brian Zoubek, Lance Thomas, and Jon Scheyer. Duke has the talent coming in to replace these players but not the experience. Kyrie Irving is coming in to lead the charge with lots of talent, but will not be able to replace Scheyer's leadership. Duke has the Plumlee twins to replace Zoubek and Thomas' talent, but not their experience. Duke will cruise through a lowly schedule to start the season, but when times get tough during ACC play the Blue Devils will be looking for someone like Scheyer in that huddle but he will not be there for them this season. The Kentucky Wildcats were easily the most talented team in the country but come tournament time they were upset by the West Virginia Mountaineers because they were lacking a true leader. At the end of the day, strong leadership inside the huddle wins teams national championships. Duke does not have that leadership this year. In college basketball, being the best in the regular season comes down to talent. Being the best at tournament time comes down to experience and leadership.-Connor Jones

Newton's Law

We are all told in middle school science class that Newtons Theory was that an object that in motion will not be knocked of course until met with another object. In Cam Newtons case many objects. Auburn's Cam Newton has become a force in the SEC. Standing at 6,6 and 250 pounds, Newton is a load. His dynamic ability to run and throw the ball has made it difficult for defenses to stop him. At this point in the season he has 1077 yards rushing. He is averaging 7 yards a carry and it does not look like he is going to let up. The thing that makes Newton so valuable is that he plays to the whistle, he will start running and not stop running until 2 or 3 of the opposing defenders have knocked him down. On the very next play he will do the same thing again. I will say it once and I will say it again, the ability to wear down a defense with 1 person is valuable. He also has 1364 yards passing and 13 touchdowns. Newton did a number on LSU's defense. He rushed for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns in Auburn's biggest game so far. His consistent strong performances make him a front-runner for The Heisman Trophy.-Josh Neighbors

Friday, October 22, 2010

Picks Week 8

I am going solo this week on picks. Here are some breakdowns on the biggest games this Saturday.

#13 Wisconsin @ #15 Iowa: Score Iowa 35-Wisconsin 31
Coming off an emotional win is though. It makes it even tougher when you are playing the 15 ranked team in the country. Wisconsin's strong suit is running the football. They are not the best throwing the ball. Iowa has maybe the best front 4 in the country. In the quarterbacking battle I give Stanzi the edge of Tolzein. Iowa in a more of a high scoring game.

#16 Nebraska @ #14 Oklahoma State: Score Nebraska 24-Oklahoma State 13
Nebraska is mad after losing what was supposed to be their redemption game against Texas. This week they have an undefeated, but unproven Oklahoma State team. Taylor Martinez will get this offense back on track after what can be characterized as an unimpressive performance against Texas. This defense will hold steady as well. I look for Nebraska by double digits.

#6 LSU @ #4 Auburn: Score Auburn 31-LSU 28
Les Miles's luck is about to run out. Cam Newtons ability to wear down a whole defense by himself is just too much for this LSU team. This game will come down to a game winning drive capped off by a field goal. This is my lock of the week.

#1 Oklahoma @ #11 Missouri: Score Oklahoma 45-Missouri 28
This high-powered Oklahoma defense is going to be too much for the Missouri defense. The fact that Oklahoma has great players at QB, RB, and WR makes them the team to beat. The will handle their business on the road this week.-Josh Neighbors

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Equal Separation?

Today the split in the PAC-10 conference was announced. UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Colrado, and Utah are the first division. In the second division is California, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State. In my opinion these are not the most equal divisions. But, I do not think the competition will be watered down all that much. In that 1st division the top 3 teams are USC, Arizona, and Utah. In comparison the top 3 teams in the other division are Oregon, Stanford, and Oregon State or Washington, that is up for debate. In a perfect world I would probably have to shift around Oregon State and Colorado. Which also brings up the interesting concept of the separation. Particularly the California schools separation. The 2 Los Angeles schools in one division and the Northern California schools in the other. I am a fan of this separation. The rivalries will all still be there. We get so see some great games every year. USC and Arizona every year. Washington and Oregon State is one of those good games. If Oregon and Stanford stay consistent then you are looking at what could turn out to be a great series. The PAC-10 has got it right, as they continue to grow into, in my opinion, the 2nd strongest conference in the country.-Josh Neighbors

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Week Team

This all week team is going to look a little bit different.

Offense: The whole Auburn Offense: 5 different guys scored touchdowns in a game where the tigers dropped 65 points on Arkansas. Cam Newton passed for 1 and ran for 3. Three different backfield players scored touchdowns. Cam Newton has jumped to the top of many people's Heisman lists due to his ability to wear down defenses all by himself.

Defense: Texas Longhorns: The Longhorns held Nebraska to 202 total yards. The Most yards any one player had was 66. The Longhorns shocked the Cornhuskers at Nebraska. The held Martinez to only 63 yards passing.-Josh Neighbors

Monday, October 18, 2010

Results Week 7

Everyone responded to the elimination week challenge. Nobody was under .500. We did pick 21 games this week, so I dropped out one game, and these guys made the grade and are still alive. Some are in better positions then others though. Here is where we stand just about midway through the season.

Connor Jones: This week(13-7) overall(84-36)
Ranny Kennon: This week(10-10) overall(84-36)
Josh Neighbors: This week(13-7) overall(79-41)
Andrew Reed: This week(12-8) overall(75-45)
Nash Wiley: This week(10-10) overall(75-45)
Vincent Steenburgh: This week(12-8) overall(73-47)
Taylor Bostic: This week(11-9) overall(68-52)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick Hit

The number 1 team has fallen for the 2nd week in a row. Last night it was Ohio State falling on the road against Wisconsin. Wisconsin lead at halftime 21 to 3. The Buckeyes got within 3 points, but Bucky fought them off and pulled off the upset. This means Oregon will inherit  the number 1 ranking. Let's see how they respond with the target on their forehead.-Josh Neighbors

Friday, October 15, 2010

Saturday Scare

This week I am putting the vest on upset alert. Ohio State, with their new number 1 ranking, travels to Camp Randal Stadium to take on the number 18 Badgers. Having gone to Camp Randal, I know how loud it can get. At night this place is going insane. Tyrelle Prior will struggle in this game, even though he has matured. I think he will be feeling the pressure. The question will be if this Wisconsin offense can respond. Brent Bielema will have to get this usually conservative offense going. Scott Tolzien will have to go to his star WR Nick Toon. Look for Bucky to beat Jim Tressel's Buckeys this week.-Josh Neighbors

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picks Week 7

I have told the picks guys this week that if they go under .500 they are done for the rest of the year. Elimination week, the pressure is on.

South Florida vs West Virginia       Ranny/Taylor/Nash.USF           Vince/Josh/Andrew/Taylor/Connor/.WVU 
Kansas vs Kansas State          Taylor/Nash/Ranny.KU           Vince/Josh/And/Taylor/Connor/.KSU 
Illinois vs Michigan State                                                Ranny/Vince/Taylor/Nash/Josh/Andrew/Taylor/Connor/.MSU 
Missouri vs Texas A&M        Nash/Taylor/Connor/.Mizz           Vince/Taylor/Josh/Andrew/Ranny.TAMU 
Maryland vs Clemson             Ranny/Vince/Taylor/Nash/Josh/Andrew/Taylor/Connor/.Clem 
Minnesota vs Purdue          Taylor/Ranny.Minn            Vince/Nash/Josh/Andrew/Connor/.Pur 
Texas vs Nebraska          Ranny.Texas    Vince/Taylor/Nash/Josh/Andrew/Connor/.Neb 
Iowa vs Michigan          Vince/Josh/Connor/.Iowa       Ranny/Andrew/Taylor/Nash.Michigan 
Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech      Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor.OK State       Taylor/Ranny/Nash.TTU
California vs USC          Ranny/Nash.Cal               Taylor/Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor.USC 
BYU vs TCU                Nash/Ranny/Taylor.BYU              Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor.TCU 
South Carolina vs Kentucky       Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor .USC           Ranny/Taylor/Nash.UK
North Carolina vs UVA           Vince/Andrew/Josh/Connor  .UNC         Taylor/Nash/Ranny.UVA
Ohio State vs Wisconsin         Vince/Andrew/Connor .OSU    Josh/Taylor/Nash/Ranny.Wisc
Mississippi State vs Florida         Nash/Ranny/Taylor.MSU        Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor.Fla 
Baylor vs Colorado              Ranny/Taylor .Bay          Josh/Vince/Connor/Andrew/Connor.Colo 
Mississippi vs Alabama          Ranny/Nash/Taylor.Miss         Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor.Bama 
Oregon State vs Washington        Andrew/Connor/Josh/Vince .OSU      Taylor/Nash/Ranny.Wash 
Nevada vs Hawaii                 Connor/Josh.Nevada        TaylorAndrew/Vince/Ranny/Nash.Hawaii 
Arkansas vs Auburn         Nash/Ranny/Taylor.Ark               Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor.Auburn 
NC State vs ECU            Vince/Josh/Andrew/Connor .NCSU           Nash/Ranny/Taylor.ECU

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All Week Team

2 of our weeks players come from South Carolina, as they knocked off Alabama last weekend. These guys deserve all the credit in the world.

Quarterback: Taylor Martinez. Nebraska: Nobody on the Kansas State defense could seem to catch Martinez Thursday night. Nebraska went in to Manhattan and crushed K-State, or should I say Martinez did. He passed for 128 yards and 1 score. Then he rushed for 241 yards and 4 scores. It appears Nebraska is not just defense after all.

Running back: Marcus Lattimore. South Carolina: This freshman running back is going to be something special. He ran for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns against Alabama saturday. He also caught a 3rd touchdown as the Gamecocks knocked off The Tide.

Wide Receiver: Alshon Jeffery. South Carolina. 7 receptions for 127 yards. Those are some pretty scary numbers for a sophomore wide receiver. His touchdown catches were just examples of his athletic skill. He was another big part of this teams offense.

Wide Receiver: Jeff Fuller. Texas A&M: Fuller turned in another solid performance against Arkansas. 8 receptions for 154 yards and a score. This guy puts up some huge numbers.

Defender: Andrew Luck. Stanford: I am sticking with the theme of one defender for now. Andrew Luck is a future NFL quarterback. This weekend he decided to play a little defense. On a fumble picked up by USC's Shareece Wright. Andrew Luck then makes a touchdown saving hit. But on this hit, Luck brought some serious wood. Check it out.-Josh Neighbors

Monday, October 11, 2010

Results Week 6

The picks guys did not have the best luck this week. We also have a switch atop the leader board.

Ranny Kennon: This week(12-8) overall(74-26)
Connor Jones: This week(7-13) overall(71-29)
Taylor Bostic: This week(8-12) overall(67-23)
Josh Neighbors: This week(10-10) overall(66-34)
Nash Wiley: This week(8-12) overall(65-35)
Andrew Reed: This week(12-8) overall(63-37)
Vincent Steenburgh: This week(11-9) overall(61-39)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick Hits

This saturday could be characterized in word, crazy.

Alabama lost for the first time in 19 games. South Carolina played great by starting of the game to a 21 to 3 lead. Alabama did claw their way back, but The Gamecocks showed some real poise. When Alabama pushed, South Carolina pushed back even harder. Marcus Lattimore was the real difference with 3 touchdowns. Only 2 weeks ago QB Steven Garcia was pulled from a game against Auburn. This week he showed great leadership, and made the plays he had to. The gamecocks QB was 17 for 20 with 201 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. He did a great job of finding his best wide receiver, Alshon Jeffery. This sophomore was nothing short of unstoppable. 7 receptions for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns. Greg McElroy of Alabama did all he could, he had 315 yards passing for 3 scores. That was not enough however, as South Carolina went on to win 35 to 21. Now the SEC race is a wide open one.

People were calling for Les Miles's job last week, after some poor clock management. This week the mad scientist made a call that could have lost his job. You may remember this call in 2007 against South Carolina. On a apparent field goal, the holder threw the ball over his shoulder as the kicker caught it and run for a touchdown. It was a 52 yard field goal last night. This year Miles tried it again, but it did not go quite as planned. The ball bounced on the ground, and the kicker still caught it and ran for a first down. There was a large debate whether the ball bounced in front of the kicker, which would make it a forward pass. The officials took a very long look at it, and ruled it a backwards lateral. LSU proceeded to go down the field, and scored a touchdown. They went on to beat Florida 33 to 29. LSU has had some really ugly wins, but watch out because The Tigers are 6 and 0.

A team finally stopped Denard Robinson, and looked really good while doing it. Michigan State forced Robinson to throw 3 interceptions in a 34 to 17 win for Sparty. Michigan State is a major contender for the Big 10, Michigan is not. One player has defined that team for the first half of the season, and I do not see that changing.-Josh Neighbors

Friday, October 8, 2010

Saturday Scare

Alabama is in the rough stretch of their schedule, and they have to take a trip to South Carolina this week. The recharged Gamecocks are coming off of a bye week. Their last game they lost a close one to Auburn. Watch out for South Carolina, they will be looking for the upset at home this week with the crowd on their side. This Gamecocks offense has the dynamic attack of QB Stephen Garcia and freshman RB Marcus Lattimore. Garcia will be looking for his standout sophomore WR Alshon Jeffery. Alabama needs to stay tough on defense. On offense, if they do what they have been doing and they will do well. So it will come down to how does this Alabama defense plays.-Josh Neighbors

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picks Week 6

Do not be surprised to see a lot of upsets this week.

Nebraska vs Kansas State:      Andrew/Josh/Nash/Connor/Taylor.Neb          Vincent/Ranny/Nash/.KSU
UConn vs Rutgers:       Andrew/Nash/Josh/ Connor/Taylor.UConn          Vincent/Ranny/.Rutgers
Indiana vs Ohio State:      .IU        Andrew/Vincent Ranny/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.OSU

Boston College vs NC State:      Ranny.BC        Vincent/Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.NCSU
Illinois vs Penn State:        Vincent/Ranny.ILL         Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.PSU
Baylor vs Texas Tech:       Vincent/Ranny/Nash/Connor/Taylor.Baylor        Andrew/Josh.TTU
Tennessee vs Georgia:     Vincent/Andrew/Ranny/Nash/Taylor.Tenn       Josh/Connor.UGA
Alabama vs South Carolina:        Andrew/Josh/Connor/Taylor.Ala         Vincent/Ranny.USC
Arkansas vs Texas A&M:       Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.Ark               Vincent/Ranny .TAMU
Michigan State vs Michigan:       Vincent/Andrew/Ranny.MSU       Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.Mich
Oregon State vs Arizona:    Andrew/Ranny/Nash.OSU       Vincent/Josh/Connor/Taylor.AU
Colorado vs Mizzouri:       Vincent/Ranny/Taylor.Colo         Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/.Mizz  
LSU vs Florida:      Nash/Josh/.LSU       Andrew/Ranny/Connor/Taylor.Fla
Purdue vs Northwestern:    Vincent/Ranny.PU      Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.NW           
Florida State vs Miami:      Vincent/Andrew/Ranny/Nash.FSU        Josh/Connor/Taylor.Miami

Southern Cal vs Stanford:        Andrew/Ranny.USC        Vincent/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.Stan          
Arizona State vs Washington:        Vincent/Ranny.ASU       Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.Wash
Hawaii vs Fresno State:      Ranny/Taylor.Hawaii       Vincent/Andrew/Nash/Josh/Connor/.FSU        
Clemson vs North Carolina:      Josh/Connor/.Clem      Vincent/Andrew/Ranny/Nash/Taylor.UNC
UCLA vs Calfornia:         Andrew/Nash/Connor/Taylor.UCLA         Vincent/Ranny/Josh/.Cal

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Week Team

A great performance at quarterback highlights this week's all week team.

Quarterback: Denard Robinson. Michigan: Shoelace continues to impress us. He had 277 yards passing, with 2 touchdowns. He ran for 217 yards and another 2 touchdowns. Almost 500 total yards is very worthy of quarterback of the week.

Running back: LaMichael James. Oregon: James was fantastic against Stanford. He handled the ball 31 times for 257 yards and 3 touchdowns. James does a great job of putting up big numbers in that big time Duck offense.

Wide Receiver: Jeff Fuller. Texas A&M: On a night where quarterback Jerrod Johnson struggled, Jeff Fuller did not. He caught 8 passes for 69 yards and 2 touchdowns. Fuller broke the all-time record for touchdowns at A&M. He is now the record holder at 21 scores and counting.

Wide Receiver: Leonard Hankerson. Miami: Hankerson had a massive day against Clemson. He caught 7 passes for 147 yards and 3 touchdowns. On a day where production was low from the other big play threat Travis Benjamin.

Defense: Jayron Hosely. Virginia Tech: I have to give this guy some serious props. Russell Wilson threw 4 interceptions all of last year. Last saturday he threw 3 to the same guy. Hosley did a good job of being in the right spot at the right time to make those plays. I already mentioned this guy in quick hits, but he is worthy of this. He is the one man defense of the week.-Josh Neighbors

Monday, October 4, 2010

Results Week 5

Things are starting to get interesting as we hit the middle of the season, and everyone is still in the race. Here are this weeks' results.

Connor Jones:This week(16-4) overall(64-16)
Ranny Kennon:This week(16-4) overall(62-18)
Taylor Bostic:This Week(17-3) overall(59-21)
Nash Wiley:This week(18-2) overall(57-23)
Josh Neighbors:This week(15-5) overall(56-24)
Andrew Reed:This week(15-5) overall(51-29)
Vincent Steenburgh:This week(14-6) overall(50-30)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Hits

A fantastic saturday in college football was capped off by 2 massive statement games last night. First statement comes from Alabama. They rolled Florida 31 to 6. I am starting to wonder if Alabama is ever going to lose again. Unrealistic, but this year it is a very possible for Bama to win out. The Tide mixed short passes with strong runs last night. Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson may be the best duo in the country, rivaled by Darren Thomas and LaMichael James of Oregon. Ingran has 10 carries for 47 yards and 2 touchdowns and Richardson had 10 carries for 63 yards. Not stellar numbers, but respectable against a good Florida defense. Wide receiver Marquis Maze tossed a touchdown. Other then that the passing game was dismal. Greg McElroy was 11/17 for 84 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. The outcome was expected, as the Tide beat up on a depleted Gator squad.

Oregon made the other statement. They defeated the Stanford Cardinal 54 to 31. Oregon went down 21 to 3 early. I watched this game, and I personally felt like it was still a close game. Sure enough the offense got going. They scored, got an onside kick, and scored again. The high powered Ducks offense cannot be denied. They will find a way to score no matter who they are playing. Darren Thomas as a sophomore is developing into Chip Kelley's system very nicely. He is a good passer, and a freak of an athlete. He was 20/29 for 238 yards and 3 touchdowns. He just needs to limit his interceptions, he did throw 2 last night. Then there is his backfield counterpart, LaMichael James. James put up some X box numbers. 31 carries, 257 yards, and 3 touchdowns. He is my all week running back. Darren Thomas also contributed to the run game, with 117 yards on 15 carries and a score. Now lets give some credit to Stanford's Andrew Luck. He threw for 341 yards in a very hostile environment. I believe this game will help his draft stock rise despite the 2 picks he threw. Now here is where the debate comes in. Does Oregon slip to number 3 in the country? Or does Boise State maintain the ranking? This week they beat New Mexico State 59 to 0. I believe Boise should, and will stay number 3. But this opinion will change on a week to week basis due to there week to week performance.

Quick Note: Michigan State got an emotional 34 to 24 win over Wisconsin. With coach Mark Dantonio back in the booth after his heart attack, The Spartans looked recharged. Look out Iowa and Ohio State. Here comes Sparty!

Quick Note: Virginia Tech beat NC State yesterday. NC State Quarterback Russel Wilson threw 3 the same guy. Jayron Hosely, The Hokies sophomore corner. This Virginia Tech defense is very young, but they are improving under Bud Foster. In a year or 2 The Hokies will have one on the top 5 defenses in the country.-Josh Neighbors

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who is who?

If week 2 was monster saturday. There is no word to describe this saturday. We have 3 huge games on the college landscape today. We are really going to do some separating from the contenders and pretenders. I will focus in on 2 because I have already broken down the Stanford Oregon game.

#8 Oklahoma vs #21 Texas
The storyline heading into this game is how will the Longhorns react after the shocking loss to UCLA last week? Garret Gilbert is still learning as a quarterback, and this will be his most important start he has made thus far in his career. Look for Fozzy Whittaker and Tre' Newton to be carrying the ball more then usual early on in this game. Now as for Gilbert Mac Brown will most likely ease him into the game with some short passes. That will open things up for there big play WR Malcolm Williams.
The key for Oklahoma is simple, keep the offense moving and limit you mistakes. A mixed attack of running and passing will beat this Texas team. Look for Landry Jones to connect with his favorite target Ryan Broyels, who looks to add to his TD total which stands at 4. Dimarco Murray's ability to run the football will also keep this Texas D honest, which will make defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp's job harder. There are going to be many points scored in this game, but in the end Oklahoma has to much fire power.

#7 Florida @ #1 Alabama
Florida has been having some Offensive issues to say the least. Execution has been there problem. Bad snaps, wrong route running, interceptions, and fumbles have all been problems. Now they walk into Alabama coming off a blowout win over Kentucky, with a possible solution to these woes. His name is Trey burton. This 6,2 freshman can really run the football. He ran for 6 TD's against Kentucky, and this ability may be able to keep this hungry Alabama defense at bay. Of course he cannot win this game alone, he is going to need some help from John Brantley, the original starting quarterback. He has thrown for 6 touchdowns and 1 interception, but has been inconsistent. Success will not come easy tonight, but I believe Brantley will play well, and make this game very respectable.

Now for the raining Champions. They nearly escaped Arkansas. This defense has never looked better. They forced Ryan Mallet to throw 3 interceptions. Mark Baron has really emerged as the leader of this defense to me. He had 2 interceptions against Penn State, and just seems to be in the right place at the right time to make good plays, Next comes the offense. Greg McElroy needs to improve. Throwing 2 interceptions against a weak Arkansas defense will not cut it. He needs to start finding Julio Jones and Marquis Maze more. The running back tandem of Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson is the highlight of this offense, that is why they will win this game.-Josh Neighbors