Thursday, October 21, 2010

Equal Separation?

Today the split in the PAC-10 conference was announced. UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Colrado, and Utah are the first division. In the second division is California, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State. In my opinion these are not the most equal divisions. But, I do not think the competition will be watered down all that much. In that 1st division the top 3 teams are USC, Arizona, and Utah. In comparison the top 3 teams in the other division are Oregon, Stanford, and Oregon State or Washington, that is up for debate. In a perfect world I would probably have to shift around Oregon State and Colorado. Which also brings up the interesting concept of the separation. Particularly the California schools separation. The 2 Los Angeles schools in one division and the Northern California schools in the other. I am a fan of this separation. The rivalries will all still be there. We get so see some great games every year. USC and Arizona every year. Washington and Oregon State is one of those good games. If Oregon and Stanford stay consistent then you are looking at what could turn out to be a great series. The PAC-10 has got it right, as they continue to grow into, in my opinion, the 2nd strongest conference in the country.-Josh Neighbors

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