Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picks week 4

NC State @ Cincinnati                         NCSU:            Cinci:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ
San Diego State @ #22 Michigan         SDSU:JN             Mich:NW/AR/TB/CJ
UNC @ #25 Georgia Tech             UNC: AR        GT:NW/TB/JN/CJ
Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh        ND:NW/TB/JN/CJ       Pitt: AR
Georgia @ Ole Miss          UGA:AR/TB/JN/CJ      Miss:NW
#14 Arkansas @ #3 Alabama       Ark:      Bama:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ
#7 Oklahoma State @ #8 Texas A&M      OK ST:AR/JN           A&M:NW/TB/CJ
#11 Florida State @ #21 Clemson         FSU:NW/AR/TB/JN       Clem:CJ
Colorado @ Ohio State         CU:TB     OSU:NW/AR/JN/CJ
UCLA @ Oregon State        UCLA:TB/JN/CJ       OSU:NW/AR
California @ Washington     Cal:AR/TB/JN/CJ      Wash:NW
Vanderbilt @ #12 South Carolina           Vandy:        USC:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ
#15 Florida @ Kentucky          Fla:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ        UK:
Missouri @ #1 Oklahoma      Miss:       Okla:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ
#10 Oregon @ Arizona       Ore:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ      Zona:
#23 Southern Cal @ Arizona State       USC:AR        ASU:NW/TB/JN/CJ
#2 LSU @ #16 West Virginia         LSU:NW/AR/TB/JN         WVU:CJ
New England @ Buffalo       NE:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ       Bills:
Green Bay @ Chicago     GB: AR/TB/JN     Chi:NW/CJ
Washington @ Dallas       Wash:NW/TB/JN/CJ    Dal:AR

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picks week 3

#3 LSU @ #25 Mississippi State            LSU:NW/CJ/JN/TB            MSU:AR/RK

#4 Boise State @ Toledo                BSU:NW/CJ/JN/TB /AR/RK          TU:

Connecticut @ Iowa State       UConn:NWAR           ISU:CJ/JN/TB/RK

#18 West Virginia @ Maryland        WVU: CJ/TB/RK            Mary:NW/JN/AR

#21 Auburn @ Clemson            AU:NW/CJ/JN/TB/AR/RK        Clem:

Pittsburgh @ Iowa     Pitt:TB               Iowa:NW/CJ/JN/AR/RK

Kansas @ Georgia Tech          KU:       GT:NW/CJ/JN/TB/AR/RK

Washington @ #10 Nebraska       Wash:       Neb:NW/CJ/JN/TB/AR/RK

#15 Michigan State @ Notre Dame         MSU:NW/JN/AR/RK       ND:CJ/TB

Tennessee @ #16 Florida            Tenn:AR/RK           Fla:NW/CJ/JN/TB

#23 Texas @ UCLA           UT:NW/CJ/JN/TB/RK         UCLA:AR

Virginia @ UNC            VA:RK         UNC:NW/CJ/JN/TB/AR

Navy @ #10 South Carolina        NA:           USC:NW/CJ/JN/TB/AR/RK

#17 Ohio State @ Miami          OSU:NW/AR         U:CJ/JN/TB/RK

Syracuse @ USC        Cuse:TB/AR        USC:NW/CJ/JN/RK

Utah @ BYU        Utah:JN/TB/AR/RK         BYU:CJ

#6 Standford @ Arizona         Stan:CJ/JN/TB/RK       Zona:AR

#1 Oklahoma @ #5 Florida State        Okla:CJ/AR/RK           FSU:JN/TB

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 2 Results

Week 2 was much better then week one, but a majority of the games were easier. Things will start to pick up this week.

Nash Wiley: This week (18-2) Overall (24-6)
Andrew Reed: This week (17-3) Overall (24-6)
Josh Neighbors: This week (14-6) Overall (20-10)
Taylor Bostic: This week (15-5) Overall (20-10)
Connor Jones: This week (15-5) Overall (19-11)
Ranny Kennon: This week (13-7) Overall (17-13)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picks Week 2

Hopefully this week will be better...... 20 games, and a lot of them are gimme's I think. Come on guys

Arizona @ #9 Oklahoma State             AU:                     OKST:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK

Oregon State @ #8 Wisconsin              O ST:                Wisc:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK

Iowa State @ Iowa                        ISU:               Iowa:NW/AR/TB/CJ/RK

#16 Mississippi State @ Auburn              MSU:AR/TB/JN               AU Tigers: NW/CJ/RK

Rutgers @ UNC                   Rut:                UNC:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ

#3 Alabama @ #23 Penn State            Bama: NW/AR/TB/CJ           PSU:RK/JN

#6 Stanford @ Duke                  Stan:   NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK               Duke:

#11 Virginia Tech @ ECU            VT:   NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK              ECU:

#25 TCU @ Air Force              TCU: NW/AR/TB/CJ/RK               AFA:JN

California @ Colorado           Cal: AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK                   CU:NW

NC State @ Wake Forest          NCSU:TB/JN/CJ            Wake:NW/AR/RK

Cincinnati @ Tennessee            Cinci:TB/RK              Tenn:NW/AR/JN/CJ

#12 South Carolina vs Georgia          USC:NW/TB/JN              UGA:AR/CJ/RK

Fresno State @ #10 Nebraska           FSU:               Neb:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK

BYU @ #24 Texas                  BYU:                  UT:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK

Virginia @ Indiana            UVA:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK             IU:

Utah @ USC            Utah:TB/RK                  USC:NW/AR/JN/CJ

UConn @ Vanderbilt          Conn:TB/JN/CJ/RK          Vandy:NW/AR

Notre Dame @ Michigan         ND:RK        Mich:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ

Nevada @ #13 Oregon         Nev:           Ducks:NW/AR/TB/JN/CJ/RK

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Results Week 1

Week one of picks is over and our guys left a lot to be desired. We only did 10 picks, and our winner is currently sitting at (7-3).

Andrew Reed (7-3)

Nash Wiley (6-4)

Josh Neighbors (6-4)

Taylor Bostic (5-5)

Ranny Kennon (4-6)

Connor Jones (4-6)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Picks Week 1 2011

Picks are back, a little late. But, they are back. Here we go!

UNLV at Wisconsin: UNLV:           Wisconsin:NW/Josh/Connor/AR/ Taylor
TCU at Baylor: TCU:NW/Josh/Connor/AR/Taylor         Baylor:
Northwestern at Boston College: Northwestern: NW/Josh        Boston College:Connor/AR
South Florida at Notre Dame:  South Florida:          Notre Dame:NW/Josh/Connor/AR/Taylor
Minnesota at USC:     Minnesota:         USC: NW/Josh/Connor/AR/Taylor
BYU at Ole Miss:       BYU:Josh/Connor/AR Ole Miss:NW/Taylor
Oregon vs LSU:        Oregon:Josh/Connor      LSU:NW/AR/Taylor
Boise State vs Georgia:    Boise State:NW/AR/Taylor     Georgia:Josh/Connor
Marshall at West Virginia:  Marshall:         WVU:NW/Josh/Connor/AR/Taylor
Miami at Maryland:      Miami:NW/Taylor          Maryland:Josh/Connor/AR

Saturday Scare

College football is back. That means a brand new season of picks, analysis, and the weekly saturday scare. My upset watch. This college football season we will also have a weekly radio show on blogger Search sports spin on the bar at the top. Its time to get started.
The year's first saturday scare comes from the primetime game this week. #3 Oregon vs #4 LSU. Things look really bad for Les Miles and the Tigers. Jordan Jefferson is not exactly what you would call an offensive monster, but at the same time he is a senior leader. Jarret Lee will take Jefferson's place. Lee is a 5th year senior, and I think is a better option for LSU against Oregon. The Tiger's #1 concern has to be the loss of wide out Russell Shepperd. The explosiveness at receiver and on special teams. You look at this match up now, and it appears LSU does not have a chance. But, since when was winning games with offense been the way things have been done at LSU? This is a loaded veteran defense, especially at linebacker. They start 2 seniors as the MIKE and SAM. This defense has the potential to really slow down the Ducks high powered offense. As we saw last year, the Ducks struggle when they are held to a low number of point. Spencer Ware at running back has the potential to have a huge game. This Ducks D has a lot of holes. LSU will have to make the most of every opportunity they get, because no matter what defense goes up against Oregon, it only becomes a matter of time before the points start raining from the Ducks.-Josh Neighbors