Friday, September 2, 2011

Saturday Scare

College football is back. That means a brand new season of picks, analysis, and the weekly saturday scare. My upset watch. This college football season we will also have a weekly radio show on blogger Search sports spin on the bar at the top. Its time to get started.
The year's first saturday scare comes from the primetime game this week. #3 Oregon vs #4 LSU. Things look really bad for Les Miles and the Tigers. Jordan Jefferson is not exactly what you would call an offensive monster, but at the same time he is a senior leader. Jarret Lee will take Jefferson's place. Lee is a 5th year senior, and I think is a better option for LSU against Oregon. The Tiger's #1 concern has to be the loss of wide out Russell Shepperd. The explosiveness at receiver and on special teams. You look at this match up now, and it appears LSU does not have a chance. But, since when was winning games with offense been the way things have been done at LSU? This is a loaded veteran defense, especially at linebacker. They start 2 seniors as the MIKE and SAM. This defense has the potential to really slow down the Ducks high powered offense. As we saw last year, the Ducks struggle when they are held to a low number of point. Spencer Ware at running back has the potential to have a huge game. This Ducks D has a lot of holes. LSU will have to make the most of every opportunity they get, because no matter what defense goes up against Oregon, it only becomes a matter of time before the points start raining from the Ducks.-Josh Neighbors

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