Saturday, August 28, 2010

Face Time

Defending Statements

The Alabama Crimson Tide are defending national champions. Can they do it again? Most people think so. They are ranked number 1 in basically every pre-season poll. We will see. I will break down the Crimson Tides schedule game by game. We will see if they have what I think it will take to repeat in this weeks Face Time.

Sept 4, San Hose State @ Alabama. Winner: Alabama. (1-0)

This is just a tune-up game for the Crimson Tide. A nice season opener to get them into the swing of things. I see them having no problem at all with the Spartans.

Sept 11, Penn State # 19 @ Alabama. Winner: Alabama. (2-0)

Penn State is a shadow of there old selves. That being said they are still a tough team. Senior Evan Royster is one of the best backs in the country, but the rest of the team is still very young and not good enough to beat Alabama. Tide roll by double digits.

Sept 18, Alabama @ Duke. Winner: Alabama. (3-0)

Duke is a team still at the bottom of the ACC. Even though it is a home game for the Blue Devils it will not matter. Alabama will cruise to an easy victory.

Sept 25, Alabama @ #17 Arkansas. Winner: Arkansas. (3-1)

Arkansas will come with an experienced pro style offense and will attack this defense. This will be a higher scoring game. I will give the edge to the Razorbacks here because of QB Ryan Mallett. Who I think will be next years number 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. I do think the Razerbacks D will be able to hold off Alabama and the Tide will suffer there first loss in 17 games.

*Oct 2, #4 Florida @ Alabama. Winner: Alabama. (4-1)

This is the game of the year for the Crimson Tide, and Possibly round 1 of a 2 part series we will see between these 2 teams this year. But this first game could determine if the later game is for A trip to the Sugar Bowl, or the national title. I think Alabama does bounce back from there loss to Arkansas.

Oct 9, Alabama @ South Carolina. Winner: Alabama. (5-1)

There is nothing easy about SEC road games. There is no off week in this conference. The Crimson Tide will win. It could be a struggle, but the Tide will find a way to get by.

Oct 16, Ole Miss @ Alabama. Winner: Alabama (6-1)

No doubt the addition of Jeremiah Masoli will benefit the Rebels. But Alabama is just to powerful and have to much all-around strength. At this point in the season I think Greg McElroy will be a matured quarterback and will be having great success. This is no exception, The Tide once again will win by double digits.

Oct 23, Alabama @ Tennessee. Winner: Alabama (7-1)

This is one of those SEC road games that I could see causing Alabama trouble. They will be looking ahead to their matchup with LSU in 2 weeks. Tennessee will surprise them. They will not win, but it will be close. Alabama will win the game by less then a touchdown.

Nov 6, Alabama @ #21 LSU. Winner: LSU (7-2)

Jordan Jefferson is going to have a big year. And a win against Alabama will be part of it. LSU will out gun Alabama at home. I see Mark Ingram struggling and as always at Death Valley at night communication between teammates will be an issue for Alabama. LSU will overcome the Crimson Tide, but not by much.

Nov 13, Mississippi State @ Alabama. Winner: Alabama (8-2)

This will not even be remotely close. Alabama will come in mad from there loss the week previous and destroy the Bulldogs.

Nov 20, Georgia State @ Alabama. Winner Alabama (9-2)

We will be seeing a whole lot of the back-ups in this game. A tune-up game right before Alabama faces their instate rival. Auburn.

Nov 27, #22 Auburn @ Alabama. Winner Alabama (10-2)

The experts are very high on theses Auburn TIgers. They like to score, and they have a talented defense. This game could have very big implications. A trip the the SEC championship game could be on the line. That is why I do not see Auburn winning. As always it will be a thriller.

10 wins 2 losses. Not a bad season. If you think Alabama will go undefeated, its to unlikely due to the tough schedule, and their conference is the toughest in football. This record will get the Tide into a BCS bowl, but not the National Championship.- Josh Neighbors

Friday, August 20, 2010

Face Time

So here is a little something I like to call face time. This will go out to a certain person, team, or group of people. Whoever gets this this award did something noteworthy. Good or bad. This first of a weekly post. The winners this week un-loyal coaches.

Loyalty does not really mean anything anymore in coaching. Just ask Lane Kiffen, Nick Saban, and Brian Kelley. Kiffin went 7-6 at Tennessee, then took the job at USC. In 2007 Saban told the Miami Dolphins he was not going to coach Alabama. Sure enough he did. And then Brian Kelley took his dream job at Notre Dame and did not even coach in Cincinati’s Sugar Bowl appearance. Overall if someone asked you your favorite coach. Most likely these guys would not appear.

Only one of these coaches has been successful. Yeah I know, Kiffen and Kelley have not coached in a game yet. But still. Brian Kelley inherits a new Quarterback at Notre Dame. So there is some learning to do there. Kiffin gets the USC Trojans. A team that cannot go bowling for the next two years. That makes all the Tennessee fans happy. After what they called the betrayal of their coach. And one of Saban’s star players is now under investigation. So the message here, Is bigger really better in terms of a coaching job? I say no. More pressure, more eyes watching you, bigger expectations. But we will see if Kiffin and Kelley will rise to meet expectations.-Josh Neighbors

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Houses of Pain

There are so many great college stadiums all around the country. On fall saturdays many of them can get pretty noisy. Some of them so loud, and so massive, all opposing fans and players fear them. Here are my type 5 houses of pain

5: Lane Stadium. Blacksburg ,VA

Seats: 66,233

opened originally in: 1965

Okay 66,233 is 20,000 less then some of these other places. But if you have ever visited Lane Stadium on a game day you would get why it is on the top 5 list. This stadium gets most crazy on thursday nights, as Va Tech always hosts a thursday night game annually. These fans could be considered nocturnal, because they just come out like crazy at night. The rabid fans are what really make coming to this place a very loud, magically bad experience for away teams and fans. Caution away fans, the Hokie faithful are just a little territorial. So do not be asking to share some food from there tailgate with you. You will most likely end walking away with a black eye.

4: The Horseshoe. Columbus ,OH

Seats: 102,329

opened originally in: 1922

With a massive stadium, crazy fans, and a great team. Ohio State’s “Shoe” is my 4th toughest place to play. Ohio is a football state. It always has been, always will be. The Buckeyes are the Kings of Ohio. Fans of Ohio State are everywhere, in any part of the country. And on saturdays in the fall 100,000 plus of them flock to Columbus to see their Buckeyes. These fans do not need the dimming light to bring them out of their shell. they are always charged and ready to go. The combination of a great team, great fans, and a massive stadium, and a great team make this place a nightmare for visitors.

3: Neyland Stadium. Knoxville, TN

Seats: 102,459

opened originally in: 1921

The shear number of fans that can attend a game in Knoxville make it number 3 on the list. At a game in 2004 against Florida, there were 109,000 plus fans in attendance. This program has a great history. With a great fan base. The stadium itself has the intimidation factor. It is enclosed from all sides. Not at whole lot can be said about it. It is one of those places you must be there to know. Neyland Stadium, the Vol’s team and Tennessee fans embody college football.

2:The Swamp. Gainesville, FL

Seats: 88,548

opened originally in: 1930

This house of pain is maybe the most electrifying place in all the land. These fans are crazy. They just have a buzz to them as does the stadium. The town of Gainesville will carry that electric buzz on any given saturday in the fall. And with an always stacked team these fans always have something to cheer about. Tebow was the crowd favorite as these fans look for a new player to love and give the gators another national championship to imprint on the hallowed orange walls of the swamp.

1:Death Valley. Baton Rouge, LA

Seats: 92,400

opened originally in: 1924

Tiger Stadium was originally nicknamed Deaf Valley. I don’t have to tell you why. These fans are some of the kindest you will ever meet. They will not hesitate to share some of their gumbo with opposing fans. But once it is game time, they make Death Valley the toughest place to play in the country. It is literally a valley all the way around the stadium. On top of that, the eye of the tiger is imprinted at mid field. It is the toughest, most intimidating place to play in the country. And the Tigers do feel right at home there. With a (.713) winning average at home its no secret the Tigers like to settle in. They will get up early on you, and do not let you back up. These crazy fans alone have the ability to make games at Death Valley more exciting. Opposing players will know when they step foot in that stadium, that they have entered a house of pain.- Josh Neighbors

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Kicks

With the start of the regular season just days away, soccer fans are getting ready for a much anticipated men’s college soccer season. After getting to the college cup finals, Akron has 8 returning starters and 3 of which are in the run for MVP. All are looking up to Akron as they not only were awarded preseason number 1 but Kofi Sarkodie, a defender who helped Akron to post 19 shutouts in the 2009 season, is returning for another year. With so much talent and expectations the Zips well have to give an all out effort not to fall short because in their first month of play, they will have to face 3 top ten teams.

After winning the college cup finals last season, the Virginia Cavaliers are trying to repeat. They earned the number 2 rank in preseason and will post a threat to be number 1. The Cavaliers have their defense back and their starting goalie, Diego Restrepo, who had 11 consecutive shut outs in the 2009 season. But with key players missing it may be hard for the Cavs to go all the way.

But never count out number 3 Wake Forest or number 4 UNC. Even though Wake lost 4 key players they look to get back to the College cup with key goalkeeper Akira Fitzgerald. On the flip side, UNC has a confident returning class led by Michael Farfan and Bill Schuler. But with a difficult schedule ahead the Heels will really have to come together.

With dreams of winning a College Cup, players from every team will have to step up and make a difference. One play, One shot, One save can change everything.

My predictions of how it will play out.

Season end Top 5

1. Akron

2. Virginia

3. North Carolina

4. Tulsa

5. Maryland

College Cup final 4



North Carolina


The team i think will win the 2010 College Cup is Akron!

-Nash Wiley

Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Love Lost

This years top rivalry are very different than last year’s because many of the teams have lost their significant firepower, or have gained some.


With texas winning the “Red River Shootout” the last two years, Oklahoma is looking for a win this time. Both Texas and Oklahoma are without strong offensive leadership due to the loss of QB Colt McCoy and QB Sam Bradford, they will be looking to their wide receivers for support. Texas will have to rely on WR James Kirkendoll as well as RB Tre Newton. Texas has a young team coming up with the loss of 3 veteran linemen, and is hoping to rebuild their program and find another Colt McCoy type player. Garret Gilbert will now grab the reins in Mac Brown’s spread offense .

The Sooners, as always, have a great backfield and plan to use senior RB Demarco Murray more than often. Murray is also backed by sophomores Jermie Calhoun and Jonathan Miller who hope to see some action this year, but behind Demarco Murray. With even more freshman backs coming up, the Sooners’ backfield is loaded once again and is looking for a Big 12 title. Landry Jones has also grown. He now has experience at quarterback and is ready. Bob Stoopse’s Oklahoma Sooners will win this years game due to their superb backfield, unlike Texas which has one star wide receiver and running back.


After 9 straight losses to the Navy Midshipmen, Army is desperate for a win. Army quarterback Trent Steelman is leading the offense along with fullback Jared Hassin. Coach Rich Ellerson will try to use both in new triple option offense this year. Army’s amateur defense with ex-fullback Kingsley Ehie at linebacker does not show much promise for this season. The Navy Midshipman team is looking strong on the offensive side of the ball. Quarterback Ricky Dobbs and Mario Washington are both looking strong and coming off an impressive season last year. The Midshipmen are losing 5 starting linemen and all but one returning linebacker this year. This amateur defense is going to have trouble holding up to one of the college football powerhouses such as Texas. Army and Navy both have run the triple option offense for over a decade, but there has been one difference, Navy’s works. Army has been struggling to find an offense that is successful and has yet to do so. Since Army and Navy are both independent colleges, they choose the teams they play. The teams they play determines the bowl they will be in (if they are in one at all). The Army-Navy game typically decides who is going what bowl. Navy will be winning this game because of their successful triple option, unlike Army and their explosive QB-WR package of Ricky Dobbs and Mario Washington.


Georgia is looking for a win this year against Florida after the embarrassing 41-17 loss last year. Florida is in trouble, without offensive leader Tim Tebow and defensive leader Brandon Spikes, they have little to turn to. Florida’s impressive season last year followed by a disheartening 32-13 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship has left them angry and without leading players. On top of that, Urban Meyer is experiencing health problems. He and all the other Florida coaches were given thorough physicals, which takes time away from their desperate need to recruit new players. Georgia is heavily relying on safety Baccari Rambo for help in their backfield. On the offensive side, wide receiver A.J. Green is coming off a 5 catch 141 yard 2 touchdown scrimmage is hoping to carry that momentum into the season. Georgia is going to have a tough time this year gaining momentum due to their starting 3 games being away. Florida is going to win this game because of their still stellar offense and defense unlike Georgia’s weak backfield. This win will be another early display of what Florida quarterback ,John Brantley now has to offer.

Parker M.