Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Love Lost

This years top rivalry are very different than last year’s because many of the teams have lost their significant firepower, or have gained some.


With texas winning the “Red River Shootout” the last two years, Oklahoma is looking for a win this time. Both Texas and Oklahoma are without strong offensive leadership due to the loss of QB Colt McCoy and QB Sam Bradford, they will be looking to their wide receivers for support. Texas will have to rely on WR James Kirkendoll as well as RB Tre Newton. Texas has a young team coming up with the loss of 3 veteran linemen, and is hoping to rebuild their program and find another Colt McCoy type player. Garret Gilbert will now grab the reins in Mac Brown’s spread offense .

The Sooners, as always, have a great backfield and plan to use senior RB Demarco Murray more than often. Murray is also backed by sophomores Jermie Calhoun and Jonathan Miller who hope to see some action this year, but behind Demarco Murray. With even more freshman backs coming up, the Sooners’ backfield is loaded once again and is looking for a Big 12 title. Landry Jones has also grown. He now has experience at quarterback and is ready. Bob Stoopse’s Oklahoma Sooners will win this years game due to their superb backfield, unlike Texas which has one star wide receiver and running back.


After 9 straight losses to the Navy Midshipmen, Army is desperate for a win. Army quarterback Trent Steelman is leading the offense along with fullback Jared Hassin. Coach Rich Ellerson will try to use both in new triple option offense this year. Army’s amateur defense with ex-fullback Kingsley Ehie at linebacker does not show much promise for this season. The Navy Midshipman team is looking strong on the offensive side of the ball. Quarterback Ricky Dobbs and Mario Washington are both looking strong and coming off an impressive season last year. The Midshipmen are losing 5 starting linemen and all but one returning linebacker this year. This amateur defense is going to have trouble holding up to one of the college football powerhouses such as Texas. Army and Navy both have run the triple option offense for over a decade, but there has been one difference, Navy’s works. Army has been struggling to find an offense that is successful and has yet to do so. Since Army and Navy are both independent colleges, they choose the teams they play. The teams they play determines the bowl they will be in (if they are in one at all). The Army-Navy game typically decides who is going what bowl. Navy will be winning this game because of their successful triple option, unlike Army and their explosive QB-WR package of Ricky Dobbs and Mario Washington.


Georgia is looking for a win this year against Florida after the embarrassing 41-17 loss last year. Florida is in trouble, without offensive leader Tim Tebow and defensive leader Brandon Spikes, they have little to turn to. Florida’s impressive season last year followed by a disheartening 32-13 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship has left them angry and without leading players. On top of that, Urban Meyer is experiencing health problems. He and all the other Florida coaches were given thorough physicals, which takes time away from their desperate need to recruit new players. Georgia is heavily relying on safety Baccari Rambo for help in their backfield. On the offensive side, wide receiver A.J. Green is coming off a 5 catch 141 yard 2 touchdown scrimmage is hoping to carry that momentum into the season. Georgia is going to have a tough time this year gaining momentum due to their starting 3 games being away. Florida is going to win this game because of their still stellar offense and defense unlike Georgia’s weak backfield. This win will be another early display of what Florida quarterback ,John Brantley now has to offer.

Parker M.

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