Friday, August 20, 2010

Face Time

So here is a little something I like to call face time. This will go out to a certain person, team, or group of people. Whoever gets this this award did something noteworthy. Good or bad. This first of a weekly post. The winners this week un-loyal coaches.

Loyalty does not really mean anything anymore in coaching. Just ask Lane Kiffen, Nick Saban, and Brian Kelley. Kiffin went 7-6 at Tennessee, then took the job at USC. In 2007 Saban told the Miami Dolphins he was not going to coach Alabama. Sure enough he did. And then Brian Kelley took his dream job at Notre Dame and did not even coach in Cincinati’s Sugar Bowl appearance. Overall if someone asked you your favorite coach. Most likely these guys would not appear.

Only one of these coaches has been successful. Yeah I know, Kiffen and Kelley have not coached in a game yet. But still. Brian Kelley inherits a new Quarterback at Notre Dame. So there is some learning to do there. Kiffin gets the USC Trojans. A team that cannot go bowling for the next two years. That makes all the Tennessee fans happy. After what they called the betrayal of their coach. And one of Saban’s star players is now under investigation. So the message here, Is bigger really better in terms of a coaching job? I say no. More pressure, more eyes watching you, bigger expectations. But we will see if Kiffin and Kelley will rise to meet expectations.-Josh Neighbors

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