Monday, October 25, 2010

Repeating Sequence?

Duke is not going to win this years NCAA basketball title because of the loss of three key players. These players are Brian Zoubek, Lance Thomas, and Jon Scheyer. Duke has the talent coming in to replace these players but not the experience. Kyrie Irving is coming in to lead the charge with lots of talent, but will not be able to replace Scheyer's leadership. Duke has the Plumlee twins to replace Zoubek and Thomas' talent, but not their experience. Duke will cruise through a lowly schedule to start the season, but when times get tough during ACC play the Blue Devils will be looking for someone like Scheyer in that huddle but he will not be there for them this season. The Kentucky Wildcats were easily the most talented team in the country but come tournament time they were upset by the West Virginia Mountaineers because they were lacking a true leader. At the end of the day, strong leadership inside the huddle wins teams national championships. Duke does not have that leadership this year. In college basketball, being the best in the regular season comes down to talent. Being the best at tournament time comes down to experience and leadership.-Connor Jones

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