Monday, October 18, 2010

Results Week 7

Everyone responded to the elimination week challenge. Nobody was under .500. We did pick 21 games this week, so I dropped out one game, and these guys made the grade and are still alive. Some are in better positions then others though. Here is where we stand just about midway through the season.

Connor Jones: This week(13-7) overall(84-36)
Ranny Kennon: This week(10-10) overall(84-36)
Josh Neighbors: This week(13-7) overall(79-41)
Andrew Reed: This week(12-8) overall(75-45)
Nash Wiley: This week(10-10) overall(75-45)
Vincent Steenburgh: This week(12-8) overall(73-47)
Taylor Bostic: This week(11-9) overall(68-52)

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