Friday, July 15, 2011

No doubt abaut it

Jose Bautista has emerged as the one of the American League's premiere sluggers. The casual baseball fan looks to steroids as an explanation for his sudden rise. The real source in this mans great power has been a change in mechanics. Bautista has always had the build, and the potential to be a powerful hitter. he is just now tapping into his abilities at age 30. Last year Jose Bautista adjusted his swing to where he was started stepping into pitches earlier. His back right foot is closer to home plate, and his hands are positioned a tad higher on the bat. The result has been tremendous. Bautista's biggest year before this change was in 2006 with the Pirates where he had 15 homeruns and 63 RBI. In 2010 he had 54 homeruns and 124 RBI. This year he has 31 homeruns and 65 RBI. He is on pace for another huge year, and if you look at his body throughout his career he has been the same since he entered the league. It is sad that the first thought most fans have is that Bautista is using performance enhancing drugs. In all reality, this is just one case of many where a swing change makes a huge difference. As a baseball player, I go through the same thing, constantly adjusting my swing. Most hitters struggle to find a good consistent stroke, but when they do. There are fireworks.-Josh Neighbors

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