Monday, January 16, 2012

NBA Early Season Report Cards: Eastern Conference

With so many teams needing to answer so many questions coming out of the gate this season. I will give some the NBA teams early season grades

Eastern Conference:
Miami Heat (8-4) B: To be honest, The Heat are not looking good so far. After starting off strong, the Heat are now reeling from 3 straight losses. Two of these losses in overtime. Injuries have been an issue, but with the personal on that team, there is no excuse. The Heat also need to improve on the defensive end. You think of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, you think of blocks. Yeah they look nice, but thats not the only part of playing defense. The Heat are giving up almost 100 points per game. That will fly until they get to the playoffs, but to win, strong defense is a must.

Chicago Bulls (12-2) A: I did not think Derrik Rose could look more impressive then he did last year and I was wrong. He has added the three pointer to his game, and his passing has improved. Offensively, there is not a whole lot more. But hey, when you have the #1 defense in the league, there is no need to worry. Tom Thibodeau has this team playing some serious D, only letting up 83.6 points per game. This team is grinding out wins in defensive fashion, the only problem I see this team running into is lack of offensive productivity on the bench. Later in the season, when injuries arise, you need offense from your bench guys. And I do not see it on this bench.

Philadelphia 76ers (9-3) A: Yeah, the 76ers are 9-3. This 76ers team plays fantastic team basketball. 7 players who average double figures in scoring, they are averaging about 22 assists per game. They are 3rd in points per game, 8th in rebounding and 2nd in defense. Doug Collins has done a great job with these team, can they sustain this? I am not sure. The one problem I see with the 76ers is the lack of a pure scorer, there is no go to guy on this team. Andre Iguodala is this teams best all around player, but not a pure scorer. Other then that, this team is rolling.
Josh Neighbors

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