Monday, April 23, 2012

Ron Rons' Back

"It's not a basketball play man". Understatement? Yes and considering it was coming from one of James Harden's teammates, even more so. We all saw it, we all know what happened. Ron Artest, not Metta World Peace, gave the soon to be NBA 6th man of the year a shot to the face he won't soon forget. In return, David Stern is going to give Mr. Peace a suspension he and the Lakers won't soon forget. Let's hold up and back track here for a second. We all remember how Mr. Artest earned his reputation for one of the baddest men in the league. Malice in the Palace. It all started with a foul on Ben Wallace, a push back, a thrown cup and the rest is history. But, we are encouraged to forget that. That was Ron Artest. This is Metta World Peace we are dealing with. He is a changed man; poised to help squeeze whatever is left out of the dynasty the aging Lakers have built. The shutdown artist and three point specialist has just thrown himself, his team and his city under the bus. And wouldn't we all like to know how and why? But, why would we ask that? We all know the answer, but we do not want to face the reality. Metta World Peace, the man who turned it all around and won a championship, who gave the ring away and now craves what he used to have. Who is determined to do whatever it takes. That same man let Ron Artest take over for 5 seconds and now will cost his team dearly. Two years ago this team could have done without him and they did so yesterday. But, with the playoffs now just two games away, an intricate piece to the Lakers fabric will and should miss at least 7 to 10 games. Let me say this. I have a special place in my heart for athletes who get second chances. I want to see them succeed, but something like this I cannot bear to watch. He has taken the sport I love is has disgraced it on every level. Being emotional is a key part of the game, but wearing your emotions on your sleeve( or in his case his elbow) will not get you too far with your team, fans and Mr. Stern. I hope his suspension is long and deals a huge blow to Lakers playoff hopes. Yeah, I hate the Lakers and I always will, but this is about more then the team. I want Mr. Peace to know what happens when you make a terrible decision like that. David Stern is going to have to play the roll of father to one of his many children that are NBA players. He will have to make an example of Peace for two reasons. Firstly, so he can learn his lesson. Secondly, to send a message to the rest of the players. This is basketball, not UFC.-Josh Neighbors

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