Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NFC East Preview

Football season is back and let's just get straight to it. I am going to start with my favorite/ least favorite division in the NFL. The NFC East, the woodshed in which my Washington Redskins get their asses handed to them every year. Not only is this a tough division, but it's also impossible to pick, last year the Eagles were my favorite and I had the Giants 2 and Cowboys 3, that worked out well.....not. Okay here goes round 2, I got this.
1: The New York Giants, their schedule is absolutely brutal and I am honestly not sure if this is the right spot for them. They have two games that I would say are definite wins on their schedule. They might be super bowl champions, but they did lose to the Redskins twice last season so you never know what you will get from these guys Week 2 against Tampa and week 5 against Cleveland. In their first 5 games, they could be (2-3) or (5-0). Roster is the somewhat the same, minus Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham, but I think they will compensate. The key for the Giants will be regular season consistency, because I like them once they get to the playoffs. But the regular season they tend to be suspect in replicating solid performances. Defensively the secondary looks very good and thats where they struggled last year. I think the giants will go around 10-6, It will be enough in this division.

2. The Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone says the Eagles have looked great in training camp. On a team that is absolutely loaded, they are fixing their only flaw from a great tragedy. The passing of Andy Reid's son will unify this team, a team under fire with a coach who has always been under fire, this is the year. I think the Eagles respond and make the playoffs.

3. The Dallas Cowboys. Jason Witten is gone, putting more pressure on on Dez Bryant and Miles Austin to make big time plays. DeMarco Murray will be very solid in the backfield, even though he is coming off injury. Romo will be Romo, but this defense will have to answer some serious questions. With a questionable D and what looks to be a killer schedule, I like the Cowboys to finish around (8-8) (7-9).

4. The Washington Redskins. As exciting as the addition of RGIII is, it's not enough to get the Redskins over the hump in one of the toughest divisions in football. The offensive line has some problems, Evan Royster has potential and Roy Helu is a solid receiving running back, as well as a decent runner. Pier Garcon will help out as well in terms of receiving weapons. This team has always been solid on defense, they just don't have the offensive consistency, a lot of new faces and a patchwork offensive line spells trouble for my Skins. (6-10) at best.- Josh Neighbors



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