Sunday, February 3, 2013

FAMILYarity Breathes Contempt

Let me begin by saying I love my brother very very much, but if he and I were coaching against each other in the super bowl, I'd want to beat his ass. Would it be awkward? No not at all. Do I still love him? Absolutely. When it comes to competition between brothers, there can only be one winner. Whether its a weekend game of Madden, or its in the Super Bowl, the goal is to win.
To summarize this pre-requisite, the battle of the brothers is one I can relate to, which makes this game all the more intriguing to me.
As for all the other storylines, we have heard them all ad nauseum. So I'd love to make this somewhat simpler. On offense, both teams need to establish the run. Joe Flacco is elite when Ray Rice is elite. And when Rice is not having good games, Flacco struggles mightily. The Ravens need to establish Ray Rice in the screen game and get him into open space away from the two Smith's and San Francisco's defensive line. The second key is Joe Flacco's mind. He will mistakes, San Francisco's defense will make sure of that, but Flacco's response will be a key. SF will take away Boldin to the best of their abilities, so it will be up to Pitta, Smith, and Jones to carry the load in the receiving game.
For San Francisco, it's simple. Believe in your quarterback. If you do this, you put the pressure on the defense of the the Ravens. Colin Kaepernick is poised, I have talked to this guy and he has complete confidence in himself and never crumbles. If he breaks contain, which is a guarantee, It will be up to Ray Lewis, Danelle Ellerbe, and Suggs to stop Kaepernick. Unlike most running quarterbacks, Kaepernick wants to use that 6'4, 230 pound frame and hit you. It's going to be battle of two teams who like to hit you on both sides of the field. I got San Francisco 31-21 In a hard hitting battle. Radio report coming later today at 4:30 with more extensive analysis on Neighbors

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