Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heartland Heroes

Here comes My 2013 NCAA tourney preview in the planes of the midwest.

Best team: No surprises here people, the Louisville Cardinals are without a doubt the best team in this bracket, with the best player, and the best coach. Everything else will be based on the other 15 teams in this region.

Best player: This guy has so many haters and it is completely unfair. Doug McDermott, the coaches son and star of the Creighton Jays is the best player in this region(besides Russ Smith). His critics would say the competition would inflate his numbers and make him appear better than he truly is, which is completely false. McDermott has had his best games against tournament teams. In the 8 games this season where the Jays played tournament teams, McDermott averaged close to 28 points per game in those 8 games and his Jays had a record of (5-3) against those teams, which included wins against Wisconsin, Cal, and a 41 point performance vs Witchita State in their 2nd meeting this season. He is his father on the court and does a fantastic job of leading his team. His game isn't always pretty, but he is a blue collar player who is a leader and the best player in the midwest.(but I think they lose in the first round to either Saint Mary's or MTSU)

Best Coach: I am going off the map on this one and going with Cincinnati's Mick Cromin. Cincinnati has not had a great year, but Cromin is a fantastic motivator and I think he will make sure his team is ready for Creighton. The talented, experienced trio of Sean Kilpatrick, Cashmere Wright, and JaQuon Parker will lead this team to a first round upset of Creighton.

Most overrated team: Easily the Memphis Tigers. They have played 3 tournament teams and lost all 3. They also lost to Xavier. I like either La Salle or St. Marys to knock off Memphis.

Most underrated team: The 12 seeded Oregon Ducks are not a 12 seed. The PAC-12 champions were given the big 12, leading many to believe that they had to win their conference tournament to get in. They are a balanced team lead by a core group of seniors and posses some talented freshmen. The struggle for this team is to remain consistent and continue this role they are on right now and they have an early challenge with Marcus Smart and the Cowboys.-Josh Neighbors

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