Wednesday, June 19, 2013


There was game 1. Then there were games 2 through 5, and then there was last night. I still don't know what happened las night but what I do know is that robbery can occur in other forms instead of the traditional sense, like we saw last night. The hand of supreme leader stern was in what happened last night(or both hands) but last night was bad. LeBron went cold in the end with missed shots and turnovers. In the last 7 minutes of play LeBron had 2 makes on about 7 shots coupled with 2 big turnovers. LeBron was not as big as everyone is making him out to be, but all frustration aside for me last night was beautiful. It was the sport I love they way it should be and it was fantastic, but in the words of Jay-Z onto the next one.
So this series has taken the exact course I had expected and now the Spurs will have to show their resiliency and the Heat will get their chance to defend their title. The big storyline of these finals has been which players will show up on which given night. Which Bosh? Which Wade? Which Parker? Which Manu? Manu was big in game 5, yet his 8 turnovers were crucial in the Heat taking game 6. 
I am going to remain with my pick from the very beginning Spurs in 7 and my final observation from this series is how in god's name is the "rotund" Boris Diaw effectively guarding LeBron. In a way is a microcosm of the oddities which have occurred in this series. Nobody had won 2 games in a row, it's going to be the Spurs.-Josh Neighbors

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