Friday, December 17, 2010

Bowl Picks (Part1)

Bowl season officially starts tomorrow. We have given our first round of picks.

New Mexico Bowl:
BYU(6-6) vs UTEP(6-6)               Ranny/Connor/Taylor.BYU                 Josh/Nash/Andrew.UTEP

Humanitarian Bowl:
Northern Illinois(10-3) vs Fresno State(8-4)               Andrew/Nash/Josh/Ranny/Connor/Taylor.NIU          .FSU

New Orleans Bowl:
Ohio(8-4) vs Troy(7-5)          Ranny/Connor/Taylor/Josh.Ohio              Nash/Andrew.Troy

St. Petersburg Bowl:
Southern Miss(8-4) vs Louisville(6-6)          Taylor.So Miss            Josh/Andrew/Nash/Ranny/Connor.L’ville

Las Vegas Bowl:
Utah(10-2) vs Boise State(11-1)         .Utah           Andrew/Nash/Josh/Ranny/Connor/Taylor.BSU

Pointsettia Bowl:
Navy(9-3) vs San Diego State(8-4)       Josh/Andrew/Nash/Ranny/Connor/Taylor.Navy          .SDSU

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