Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picks Week 14

Due to the lack of college games this weekend, we have added some pro picks in. This is the last round of picks before bowls.

Arizona State vs Arizona               .ASU              Nash/Josh/Taylor/Andrew/Ranny/Connor.AU
Illinois vs Fresno State          Nash/ Josh/.Illinois           Taylor/Andrew/Ranny/Connor .FSU
Rutgers vs West Virginia         .RU               Taylor/Nash/ Josh/Andrew/Connor/Ranny.WVU
Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati          Nash/Josh/Andrew/Ranny/Connor/Taylor.Pitt         .Cinci
Oregon vs Oregon State         Nash/Josh/Andrew/Ranny/Connor/Taylor.Oregon           .OSU
Auburn vs South Carolina           Ranny/Connor/Taylor/Josh.AU            Nash/Andrew.USC 
Washington vs Washington State        Nash/Ranny/Andrew/Connor/Josh.Wash           .WSU
Florida State vs Virginia Tech           .FSU Andrew/Ranny          Nash/Josh/Connor/Taylor.VT
Connecticut vs South Florida        Ranny/Josh.UConn         Nash/Andrew/Connor/Taylor.USF
USC vs UCLA             Nash/Ranny/Josh/Connor/Taylor.USC                .UCLA Andrew
UNLV vs Hawaii          .UNLV         Nash/Ranny/Josh/Andrew/Connor/Taylor.Hawaii
Houston vs Philadelphia         .Houston         Nash/Ranny/Josh/Andrew/Connor/Taylor.Philly 
Jacksonville vs Tennessee         Nash/Ranny/Andrew/Connor/Josh/Taylor.J’Ville           .Tenn
Denver vs Kansas City          Andrew/.Den              Nash/Ranny/Connor/Josh/Taylor.KC
Oakland vs San Diego      Andrew/Taylor.Oak          Nash/Ranny/Josh/Connor.SD
Atlanta vs Tampa Bay           Nash/Ranny/Andrew/Josh/Taylor.Atl          Connor.TB
Buffalo vs Minnesota        Ranny/.Buff           Nash/Connor/Josh/Andrew/Taylor.Minn
Dallas vs Indianapolis            .Dallas       Nash/Ranny/Connor/Andrew/Josh/Taylor.Indy
Pittsburgh vs Baltimore         Nash/Josh/Taylor.Pitt        Ranny/Connor/Andrew.Baltimore
New York Jets vs New England        Nash/Andrew/.NYJ       Ranny/Josh/Connor/Taylor.NE

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