Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big East Championship

1 name breaks down this matchup. And it is pretty obvious what that name is. It is Kemba Walker. Since Tuesday, Kemba Walker has dominated every team they have faced. He had 26 against Depaul. 28 against Georgetown. 24 against Pitt, including a game winner as time expired. And last night he had 33 against Syracuse in an overtime win. UConn's roll players have come up big, but Kemba Walker is the key. Tonight against Louisville, he will need to have another big game. Does he have enough left in the tank to finish off the tournament? Can he finish off an amazing 5 day run? I think the answer is no. Walker will be tired and will leave it to his teammates to pick up his slack, which I do not think they can. Louisville plays solid offensive team, and have many players who can provide big sparks for their offense. I think offensively Kyle Kuric will step up for the Cardinals and deliver Rick Pitino has 2nd Big East Championship in 3 years.-Josh Neighbors

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