Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picks Week 4

 For the first time we will feature a few NFL games on our slate. But sticking with the college theme. This is a massive weekend. We will all be treated with some great conference battles. So lets see how things go.
Miami vs Pittsburgh     Anderw/Connor/Josh/Taylor/Ranny/Nash.Miami          

Virginia Tech vs BC       Andrew/Connor/Josh/Taylor/.VT.        Nash/Ranny.BC.

Central Michigan vs Northwestern               Ranny/Connor/Andrew/Nash/Josh/Taylor.NW

Alabama vs Arkansas    Nash/Andrew/Connor/Ranny.Ala.          Josh/Taylor.Ark.

UCLA vs Texas       .UCLA.             Nash/Connor/Andrew/Josh/Taylor/Ranny.Texas.

Stanford vs ND  Nash/Ranny/Connor/Andrew/Josh.Stanford.      Taylor.ND.

Wake Forest vs Florida State      .Wake.       Nash/Ranny/Josh/Connor/Andrew/Taylor.FSU.

North Carolina vs Rutgers     Nash/Ranny/Connor/Andrew/Josh/Taylor.UNC.        .Rutgers.

Oklahoma vs Cincinnati       Nash/Ranny/Josh/Andrew/Connor/Taylor.Okla.        

Kentucky vs Florida     Ranny/Connor/Nash/Josh/Connor.Florida.

Georgia vs Mississippi State    Andrew/Connor/Taylor/Ranny/Josh.Georgia.      Josh.Miss St.

Fresno State vs Mississippi         Nash/Andrew.FSU.         Josh/Connor/Taylor/Ranny.Miss.      

South Carolina vs Auburn     Nash/Andrew/Taylor.USC.      Connor/Josh/Ranny.Auburn. 

Oregon State vs Boise State     Connor/Josh.OSU.      Nash/Andrew/Taylor/Ranny.BSU.

West Virginia vs LSU      Josh/Taylor.WVU.         Nash/Andrew/Connor/Ranny.LSU.

California vs Arizona           Nash/Josh/Andrew/Connor/Taylor/Ranny.Arizona.

Oregon vs Arizona State      Nash/Andrew/Ranny/Josh/Taylor .Oregon.

Atlanta vs New Orleans     Josh.Atl.     Nash/Ranny/Andrew/Connor. NO.

NY Jets vs Miami    Nash/Ranny/Connor.Jets.      Andrew/Josh.Miami.

Green Bay vs Chicago      Nash/Andrew/Josh/Connor/Ranny.GB.

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