Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Postgame Review, Boise State vs Virginia Tech

I will start off by saying after watching this game both teams have work to do. Both teams had there highs and there lows which is normal for an opening game of a season. Kellen Moore showed once again why he is one of the top quarterbacks in college football, when he was in trouble he always knew where to go with the football. Tyrod Taylor kept the Hokies in the ball game all night long, but at the end he wasn't able to make the big throws. Taylor said after the game that he believed there was a pass interference to end the ball game, either way it was a debatable call and you can not count on the referee throwing that flag. Boise's game MVP was wide receiver Austin Pettis. Pettis caught two touchdown passes and blocked a punt early in the game that gave the Broncos all the momentum. One of his touchdown's catches was the game winner with 1:07 to go on the clock. Virginia Tech's major problem throughout the game was whip linebacker Jeron Gouevia- Winslow. Winslow did not make key stops throughout the game. All three of Boise State's touchdown passes were to the man that Winslow was supposed to be covering. As the season goes along watch for the Hokies to replace Winslow with starting safety Davon Morgan. Davon Morgan played a fantastic ball game, he was the Hokies emotional leader throughout the ball game. Both teams did some things well and some things wrong, there is still a lot to play for for both teams and they can not dwell on the result of this game for to long.

Connor Jones

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