Monday, September 13, 2010

Results Week 2

After a shaky first week our pickers really got there bearings. Connor Jones dominated this week going 19-1. One of our new guys shows he is ready to get right into the mix. Now heres a look at how the rest of the picks guys are doing.

Connor Jones: This week(19-1) overall(33-7)
Ranny Kennon: This week(17-3) overall(31-7)
Taylor Bostic: This week(15-5) overall(30-10)
Josh Neighbors: This week(16-4) overall(27-13)
Nash Wiley: This week( 12-8) overall(26-14)
Vincent Steenburgh: This week(16-4) overall(26-14)
Andrew Reed: This week(13-7) overall(23-17)

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