Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mountains Best

In Provo ,Utah tonight, two top 10 teams will collide. #4 San Diego State(20-0) is on the road against #9 BYU(19-0).

San Diego State
Player to watch: Forward #15 Kawhi Leonard. Leonard is a very talented sophomore, and leads this team in scoring and in rebounding. He averages almost 16 points and about 10 rebounds per game. Now, San Diego State basketball is a team oriented deal. They have spread scoring throughout there players, and there defense is air tight. 11 times this season  they have help their opponents under 60 points. No individual player, with the exception of Leonard, sticks out as a star. They play well as a team on both sides of the ball, and just seam to have great chemistry.
Keys to Victory: Lockdown on Jimmer Fredette. BYU has other players, you just need to make them beat you as opposed to Ferdette.

Player to watch: Guard #32 Jimmer Fredette. This guy can shoot lights out from 3, just about anywhere inside the half court line. This is going to make SDSU extend their defense, which will open up scoring opportunities for other players. Fredette will score tonight, it is just a matter of how many. He shoots almost 48% from 3. He averages almost 27 points per game. There is no way to stop him completely, he will shoot and he will drive. Can SDSU limit him enough? That is the big question.
Keys to Victory: Force SDSU to take bad shots, which they do a lot of. But, they need to do this even more so tonight. They need to also deny Leonard the basketball. When Leonard gets the ball, defenses tend to collapse on him leaving open shots for other. That cannot happen tonight, like I said SDSU does not really have a star shooter. BYU would rather have a big night from Leonard in a win, then a big night from the SDSU offense in a loss.-Josh Neighbors

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