Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Old and The New

Ohio State has dominated this college basketball season. They are 20-0 and have just won in Champagne Illinois which, in my mind, is in the top 10 for toughest places to play. What is the key to their success? They have balance, in age, in skill sets, and in players on the court. They start 2 freshman, 1 junior, and 2 seniors. Jared Sullinger is most likely going to be freshman of the year, he is a monster inside. He averages almost 18 points, and inhales 10.2 rebounds per game. He is the rock on the inside. This is why they start 4 other guards, Sullinger is that good. Then there is another solid freshman, Aaron Craft. he averages 6.3 points per game, and almost 5 assists. That is very solid productivity from a freshman, those numbers will only get better as time goes on. William Buford is a junior guard, not in a leadership roll, but experience counts in all sports. And William Buford has experience. You know coach Thab Matta isn't complaining about Buford's averages. 13.4 point and 4.1 rebounds per game.  At guard/forward they have senior leader David Lighty. Averaging almost 14 point and 4 rebounds per game. His leadership ability is his most valuable asset. It is tough to win on the road in the Big 10, and having a guy who has been around the block helps. Lighty is that guy. 1 good leader deserves another. Senior guard Jon Diebler is another great leader for the Buckeyes. He is a dead eye marksman from three. He shoots around 48% from behind the arc. He is a lot like Andy Routins, if he gets hot, he is tough to stop. He averages 11.7 points per game and 2.5 assists per game.
If I am any other coach in the country, I am very jealous of coach Thab Matta. Not only does he have the number 1 ranking, but he has the perfect players to sustain that. And maybe into next year........ depending on Jared Sullinger's decision, which looks like he will be heading to the NBA, but lets not worry about that right now. Ohio State's road does not get easier. They play #13 Purdue Tuesday, and then have a stretch where they have to go to #19 Minnesota, to #17 Wisconsin, host #18 Michigan State, and host #22 Illinois. I am not guaranteeing a perfect season, but do not be surprised to see a 30 in the win column for the Buckeyes, come March.-Josh Neighbors

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