Monday, September 2, 2013

5 Takeaways: Week 1

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend full of college football, the only weekend college football owns 100%. Even though it's to early to get a real gauge on most teams, there are some things we can takeaway from this week. Here are my 5 takeaways.

#5. University of South Carolina players have the best names in college football.
Last year, it was Ace Sanders returning kicks. Ace Sanders sounds like a great special teams player. Then it's the most dominant defensive player in college football in Jadaveon Clowney. The last name Clowney....damn. Finally we have wide receiver Shaq Rowland who hauled in a 65 yard TD pass against UNC on thursday night. The name Shaq Rowland flows about as well as USC's offense did the other night and that's pretty darn good. I'm excited for the matchup next week against Georgia, it will be the team with the best names in the country versus the team with the best nickname with the formidable running back tandem known as "Gurshall".

#4. Tajh Boyd proved he is one of the smartest Quarterbacks in the country.
I was incredibly impressed with Boyd's decision making the other night. It was obvious he has been spending hours in the film room. My only critique of Boyd in the past was that he seemed unsure at times, but against Georgia he made all of the right choice scoring five total touchdowns, three through the air, two on the ground. On the ground he slid on almost every run, never getting greedy and attempting to take more then he should. Overall, Boyd has gotten a fantastic early jump on his heisman campaign.

#3 The Washington Huskies are going to be tough to beat at home.
The Washington Huskies new stadium loud as hell, like every other stadium in the northwest. The combination of the 70,000 strong as well as Gus Johnson's always electrifying commentary made the 38-6 beat down of Boise state a pleasure to hear and see. Washington is my dark horse and the PAC-12 because of the trio of QB Keith Price, RB Bishop Sankey, and currently injured NFL bound tight end Austin Sepharian-Jenkins. Everyone circle October 12th on your calendars as the Huskies will welcome Oregon to Seattle for what should be an insane atmosphere.

#2 Either Virginia Tech's defense is terrific or Alabama has some major offensive concerns.
It was pretty evident from the beginning of the game that Bama was going to win, but I was extremely impressed with the amount of pressure Tech was able to put on McArron. The Tide were held 206 total yards of offense as the defense and special teams did most of the heavy lifting in the 35-10 victory. I know Alabama is trying to replace three offensive linemen, but the offensive display was not worthy of the number one ranking. ACC opponents should fear Virginia Tech's defense, especially the Fuller brothers in the secondary, but the more pressing issue was Alabama's consistent inability to move the football. If the proceeds, it will be a rude awakening for the Crimson Tide as the defenses only get stingier once they enter into SEC play.

#1 ESPN Needs to Calm Down About Johnny Manziel(Mark May and Lou Holtz).
Let's first make note of the fact that everyone is gunning for this kid. Everyone wants to talk trash to him. Also, everyone was talking about how great it was to see a player like Johnny Manziel running around and playing with charisma, but now with everything that's happened this offseason, the swagger has turned into arrogance in the minds of many analysts. He was destroyed this weekend by the media for the personal foul, while it was stupid, there is at least one un-sportsman like conduct penalty in every game. I will admit, he was dis-respectful towards Coach Kevin Sumlin, but it appeared he had no intention of coming across that way. In his self disappointment, he put his head down in embarrassment and did not intend for the action to come across as ignorance of his coach. At any rate, lets all calm down and wait two weeks for the matchup with Bama, then our focus can shift to the field and this constant nit-picking at the behavior of a 20 year old kid will cease.-Josh Neighbors

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