Thursday, September 19, 2013

NFL Expert Picks Week 3

Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) @ Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)

Josh: Andy Reid is returning to Philadelphia bringing his thus far dominant defense and it will go up against the fast pace Eagles offense. The interesting thing about the Eagles is that we’ve seen pros and cons of the Eagles offense in their first two games. We’ve seen the benefits of their fast paced offense which can create confusion amongst the defense or if the offense goes three and out repeatedly the defense will find themselves on the defense a lot longer because of the speed of those offensive plays. For the Chiefs, Jamall Charles and Josh Smith have both been effective and I like the Chiefs on the road in this one 26-17, as a Brandon Flowers INT will be the difference.

Connor: Andy Reid returning to Philly will garner a loud cheer… I think. Either way the Chiefs are the more complete football team. Alex Smith does not turn the football over and that is crucial to winning on the road. Anytime someone scores 30 at home and loses, I wonder about them. I’m wondering about the Eagles, Chiefs win.

Ben: This game is a tale of two teams that have taken substantial steps from where they were a year ago. Emotions will be high running high as Reid returns to the place he has called home for so long. I think this will be one of the best games we see all Sunday, but I think the Chiefs defense will in the end be able to figure out Chip Kelly’s offense enough. I think the Chiefs win it in overtime, as Charles has a career day with a final score of 37-31.

Green Bay Packers (1-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals(1-1)

Josh: Green Bay offense is hot, more specifically Aaron Rodgers, but the Bengals have a rather stingy defense which Marvin Lewis has playing at a very high level. But not a high enough level to stop the best QB in the league, and I also like the way James Starks is running the football in the absence of Eddie Lacy, Packers win 31-17

Connor: A great game in Cincy between a defensive team and an offensive team. I like the Packers after last weeks great effort against the Redskins. Andy Dalton cannot score with Aaron Rodgers at this point in his career. Packers 31 Bengals 20

Ben: The Bengals looked good on Monday night, but Green Bay looked great. Rodgers and Starks both had career days against a Redskins D that looks to be a little down at this point. The Bengals defense will bring the Packers and Rodgers back to earth a little bit, but in the end Rodgers hits a big touchdown pass late to give Green Bay a solid 45-38 victory.

Atlanta Falcons (1-1) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

Josh: I’m going to spare you generic BS of “you’d expect Atlanta to be the 2-0 team in this situation” and tell straight up the Dolphins are an average team at best. They have a quarterback who I would say could be the 20th best QB in the league. I don’t think they have a very good running game in Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Let’s be honest Mike Wallace is their only good wide receiver and their defense is okay. They beat Cleveland and Indy, I like the Falcons without Steven Jackson in a 35-20 win.

Connor: Miami is surprisingly 2-0 after 2 road wins. Unfortunately for them, it is probably going to end this week. Atlanta is the much better team all around and will handle Miami without a problem. The quest for 16-0 is over in Miami.

Ben: Miami has greatly overachieved at this point. The Falcons will not be stopped and Matt Ryan has a breakout game. Tannehill will struggle a little bit against a solid Falcons secondary and Atlanta obtains a convincing W, 34-21.

Indianapolis Colts (1-1) @ San Francisco 49ers (1-1)

Josh: I’ve had the luxury of knowing about the trade which was made sending Trent Richardson to Indy which is going to contribute to their power run game which they are trying to establish. That being said, I don’t think they will be able to integrate him into the offense immediately so this week could be tough considering how good this SF defense is. On 49ers side, these guys are itching to have a good week after their performance last week against the Seahawks and I think they beat the Colts in a close 38-24 win.

Connor: The 49ers are angry after last Sunday’s game in Seattle. Coming home, I think they can tear the Colts a new one this weekend. Indy has struggled in its first two games, both of which were on their home field. Has the makings for a rough Sunday if you’re a Colts fan. 49ers 38 Colts 27.

Ben: The Seahawks absolutely shellacked the 49ers last week, and Colin did look like the star he did in Week 1. However, as Connor said, this team will be angry and hungrier than ever. Andrew Luck has looked nothing more than average in the first two weeks and he struggles against the 49ers defense, giving the boys on the Bay a 41-20.

Chicago Bears (2-0) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2)

Josh: The Steelers suck Chicago 27-13

Connor: I actually like the Steelers in an upset this week. The Steelers do not like to lose at home and after being beaten by the Titans the Steelers will be the more desperate team. In the NFL, the more desperate team often wins. Steelers 24 Bears 21.

Ben: The Steelers will turn things around enough to have a respectable year, but it does not start in Week 3. Yes the Steelers will be inspired and hungry, but that can only carry this nothing short of aged team but so long. The Bears have had two remarkable 4th quarter comeback victories, and they get it done again to get off to a 3-0 start and send the Steelers in search of a plethora of answers. Bears take it 24-14.


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