Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Indianapolis Colts complete offense with acquisition of Trent Richardson

The Indianapolis Colts and a star RB are not words used in the same sentence too often. However, we can now say that a star RB has arrived in Indianapolis. The Colts traded a first round pick in next year’s draft to Cleveland for Trent Richardson. It now appears the Colts are poised for a playoff run, and have built a strong core for the future around Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Dwayne Allen, and T.Y. Hilton. The 225 pound RB from Alabama was in his second year in Cleveland when he was sent to Indy today. 

What does this trade mean for both teams moving forward?

Cleveland Browns:

The Browns season is unofficially over after two weeks. Without their only offensive weapon, the already 0-2 Browns will not be scoring many points this season. They are trying to load up on draft picks; therefore, attempting to get their franchise QB and bolster the rest of the offense. Brandon Weeden has been unable to prove his abilities thus far in Cleveland, and his days are numbered. This trade sends Cleveland back into the dark age for multiple years. Just when everyone believed Cleveland was a budding team, they make this trade, setting them backwards. The race for the first pick may become a two-team race between Cleveland and Jacksonville. 

Indianapolis Colts: 

Many people, like myself, were absolutely stunned when the tweets flew in today that Richardson; the Browns prized possession was heading to Indianapolis. I believe the Colts instantly become a contender in the AFC. A team that had just lost current starters Dwayne Allen and Vick Ballard for the year, knew they had to make a move if they wished to contend this year. Not only does Richardson add a dimension to the solid Colts offense, but also he provides the physical boost to the team that they desperately needed. He adds a theme of toughness to Indy. No longer can opposing defenses sit back and force Luck to beat them, as they now have to contend with a top 6 back. If you add Richardson to a budding, young team, you now have an offensive juggernaut for years to come with tons of talent developing. If this Colts team stays healthy, they will contend with Denver, Houston, and New England for the AFC crown.

In the long haul, I believe both teams will benefit from this deal. The Browns were going nowhere soon, and decided to rebuild again. Meanwhile, the Colts added the piece that they needed, a physical running back, to a team that now has what it takes to be in Lombardi Trophy contention.- Anthony Dabbundo

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