Saturday, November 27, 2010

Close Encounters

The 10-1 LSU Tigers are the highest ranked one lost team in all of college football at #5 in the country.Those ten wins have been anything but easy. The Tigers most recent game came down to the wire in a seesaw game with Ole Miss which featured 890 yards of total offense. With the Tigers down again late in the 4th quarter by 1 point, recently criticized quarterback Jordan Jefferson led the tigers down the field and finished the drive off  with a seven yard touchdown run by Stevan Ridley. Which was followed by a successful two point conversion by Jefferson to cap off a 43-36 tiger victory .That thriller was just one of The Tigers six games decided by seven points or fewer.
     Earlier in the season The Tigers had to take on Tennessee. This was no pretty game. The Tigers turned the ball over four times in the form of 3 interceptions and a fumble. Late in the game with the Vols leading 14-10, and just seconds remaining.LSU had a 3rd and goal sitiuation, where they almost let the clock tick down to 0. The rest is history. LSU was stopped, and Tennessee players rushed the field. The celebration was halted when officials ruled the Volunteers had 13 defensive players on the field when the ball was snapped. Les Miles had already tossed his headset aside, cutting him off from communication with his offensive coordinator. "I had to call a play because I had nobody to talk to," Miles said. It turned out Les Miles had called the right play and running back Stevan Ridley took it in from a yard away to seal a 16-14 victory, in a mistake filled performance by The Tigers. "It went from a cry, to a frown, to a smile, to a realization of how you really won the game," said linebacker Kelvin Sheppard after the game. Les Miles said afterwards "I don't know that we could play any sloppier. I don't know that we could have planned it any more poorly, he added we're a very talented team. Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley said "Sometimes you do everything right and things don't go your way. All you can do is move on.
          Another one of those six  games decided by seven points or less was against Florida in a seesaw battle in Gainesville. With 35 seconds remaining,  LSU lined up for a game-tying, 52-yard field goal, but holder Derek Helton threw a no-look pitch over his head to placekicker Josh Jasper. The ball took a lucky bounce; Jasper scooped it up on a hop and ran for the first down. The play was reviewed to determine if it was a forward pass, which would have ended The Tigers chances, but of course the ball was not a forward pass. We are talking about LSU here.  Later in the drive Jarrett Lee hit Terrence Toliver for a 28 yard gain to get The Tigers down to the three yard line when once again Lee hit Toliver with a fade to the corner of the end zone for the game-winner."How about that one, huh?" Miles said afterwards. "These games are becoming more routine."
          So why do we bring up these lucky Tigers now? Well, The Byu Bengals are in a curious situation. They trail the SEC West by 1 game to Auburn. They cannot win the division, but the National Title is still a possibility. Help is needed though, they need an Auburn loss in 1 of the next 2 weeks. If this happens, they will need to jump Boise State and TCU, which most people think will happen. A 1-loss SEC team or the undefeated, mid-major teams, that beat up on the little sister’s of the poor.
Before The Tigers can think about this, they need to beat Arkansas this week. Well all know Arkansas, Ryan Mallet, Greg Childs, and an average defense. LSU should win this game, but its going to be a close encounter as always. Moral of the story is, LSU needs luck, and why shouldn’t they get it? They have got the Mad Hatter calling the shots. -Ranny Kennon

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