Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Picks Week 13

This is the last week of regular picks. We will see if things tighten up, or if Ranny pulls away.
Texas A&M vs Texas           Ranny/Josh/Connor/Nash/Andrew/Taylor.TAMU                .Tex
Louisville vs Rutgers             Ranny/Connor/Nash.L’Ville            Josh/Taylor/Andrew.Rutgers
West Virginia vs Pittsburgh         Ranny/Josh/Connor.WVU               Nash/Andrew/Taylor.Pitt
Souther Methodist vs East Carolina            Ranny/Josh/Connor/Nash/Andrew.SMU              Taylor.ECU
Auburn vs Alabama           Ranny/Nash/Andrew/Taylor.AU                     Josh/Connor.Bama
Colorado vs Nebraska            .Colo                Ranny/Josh/Connor/Andrew/Nash/Taylor.Neb
Arizona vs Oregon            Nash.Zona                 Ranny/Josh/Connor/Andrew/Taylor.Oregon 
Boise State vs Nevada          Ranny/Nash/Andrew/Taylor/Connor.BSU               Josh/.Nevada
Michigan vs Ohio State             Andrew.Mich             Nash/Taylor/Ranny/Josh/Connor.OSU
Michigan State vs Penn State          Ranny/Andrew/Taylor/NashJosh/Connor.MSU                .PSU
Virginia vs Virginia Tech                 .UVA                Ranny/Josh/Connor/Nash/Andrew/Taylor.VT
LSU vs Arkansas               Ranny/Josh.LSU                 Connor/Andrew/Nash/Taylor.Ark
Northwestern vs Wisconsin             Nash/Andrew.NW               Taylor/Ranny/Josh/Connor.Wisc
Florida vs Florida State             Ranny/Connor/Taylor.Fla                    Josh/Andrew/Nash.FSU
North Carolina State vs Maryland              Ranny/Nash/Andrew/Taylor/Josh/Connor.NCSU               
Oregon State vs Stanford              Andrew/Nash/Taylor.OSU            Ranny/Josh/Connor.Stan
South Carolina vs Clemson              RannyJosh/Connor/Andrew.USC             Taylor/Nash.Clem
Georgia vs Georgia Tech                  Ranny/ Josh/Connor/Taylor.UGA                 Andrew/Nash.GT
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State              Andrew/Nash/Taylor.Okla             Ranny/Josh/Connor.OK State
Notre Dame vs USC                      .ND                      Nash/Taylor/Andrew/Ranny/Josh/Connor.USC

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