Thursday, November 4, 2010

Picks Week 10

Here we go, as we start the stretch run of the season. Connor's picks are not final as he is at the thursday night game in Blackesburg. His only official pick is The Hokies over The Jackets.

Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech            Vince/Andrew/Taylor/Ranny.GT           Connor/Josh/Nash/.VT
Wisconsin vs Purdue         Vince/Connor/Josh/Nash/Andrew.Wisc         Ranny/Taylor.Purdue
Minnesota vs Michigan State            .Minn                Andrew/Ranny/Taylor/Vince/Connor/Josh/Nash/.MSU
North Carolina State vs Clemson          Josh/Nash/.NCSU         Andrew/Taylor/Ranny/Connor/Vince.Clem
Illinois vs Michigan          Ranny/Taylor/Vince/Andrew.Illini               Connor/Josh/Nash/.Mich
Louisville vs Syracuse     .L’Ville           Vince/TaylorAndrew/Ranny/Connor/Josh/Nash/.Cuse
Maryland vs Miami         Taylor/Andrew/Josh/.Mary               Ranny/Vince/Connor/Nash/.Miami
Florida vs Vanderbilt        Andrew/Vince/Ranny/Taylor/Connor/Josh/Nash/.Fla    .Vandy
Baylor vs Oklahoma State        Andrew/Taylor/Connor/Nash/.Bay       Josh/Vince/Ranny.OK State
Washington vs Oregon      Nash/Taylor.Wash         Connor/Josh/Vince/Andrew/Ranny.Oregon
TCU vs Utah         Connor/Josh/Nash/.TCU             Andrew/Taylor/Ranny/Vince.Utah
Alabama vs LSU        Connor/Josh/Nash/Vince/Ranny.Bama         Andrew/Taylor.LSU
Northwestern vs Penn State      Connor/Josh/.NW        Ranny/Taylor/Andrew/Vince/Nash/.PSU
Hawaii vs Boise State         Andrew/Taylor.Hawaii       Vince/Ranny/Connor/Josh/Nash/.BSU
Oklahoma vs Texas A&M      Connor/Josh/Nash/Taylor/Vince.Okla           Ranny/Andrew.TAMU
Arkansas vs South Carolina      Nash/Taylor/Andrew/Vince.Ark      Ranny/Connor/Josh/.USC
Oregon State vs UCLA         Connor/Josh/Nash/Andrew/Ranny/Vince/Taylor.OSU       .UCLA 
Missouri vs Texas Tech           Connor/Josh/Nash/.Mizzou     Andrew/Vince/Ranny/Taylor.TTU
Arizona vs Stanford         Josh/Vince.Zona         Connor/Nash/Andrew/Taylor/Ranny.Stan
Texas vs Kansas State       Connor/Josh/.Texas         Nash/Ranny/Andrew/Taylor/Vince.KSU

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