Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picks week 12

Here we go, with the season winding down our picks crew looks to make it an interesting race to the finish.
UCLA vs Washington                  Taylor/Nash/Andrew.UCLA                   Connor/ranny/Josh.Wash
Fresno State vs Boise State            .FSU                 Nash/Andrew/Connor/ranny/Taylor/Josh.BSU
Wisconsin vs Michigan             Connon/Nash/AndrewJosh/ranny/Taylor/Josh.Wisc                     .Mich
Purdue vs Michigan State            .PU                     Connor/Nash/AndrewJosh/ranny/Taylor/Josh .MSU
Pittsburgh vs South Florida              ranny/Josh/Connor.Pitt                Taylor/Nash/Andrew .USF
West Virginia vs Louisville               Connor/ranny/Taylor/Josh .WVU           Andrew/Nash.L’Ville
North Carolina State vs North Carolina          ranny/Taylor/Nash/Andrew.NCSU                  Josh/Connor.UNC
Mississippi vs LSU               .Miss                   Connor/Nash/Andrew/ranny/Taylor/Josh.LSU
Stanford vs California               ranny/Taylor/Josh/Andrew/Nash/Connor.Stan                .Cal
Ohio State vs Iowa                    Nash/ranny/Taylor/Connor.OSU               Josh/Andrew.Iowa
Virginia Tech vs Miami             ranny/Nash/Connor/Andrew/Taylor/Josh .VT             .U
Illinois vs Northwestern             .Illinois               Andrew/Nash/ranny/Taylor/Connor/Josh .NW
Arkansas vs Mississippi State       ranny/Connor/Taylor/Josh .Ark               Andrew/Nash.MSU
UConn vs Syracuse        Connor/ranny/Josh.UConn               Nash/Andrew/Taylor .Cuse
Nebraska vs Texas A&M        Nash/Connor/ranny/Taylor/Josh .Neb                Andrew.TAMU
Oklahoma vs Baylor                  ranny/Taylor/Andrew/Connor/Nash/Josh .Okla             .Bay
Florida State vs Maryland            ranny/Taylor/Josh .FSU             Andrew/Nash/Connor.Mary
USC vs Oregon State              ranny/Andrew/Josh.USC         Taylor/Nash/Connor.OSU
Rutgers vs Cincinnati          .RU              ranny/Taylor/Josh/Andrew/Connor/Nash .Cinci
Tennessee vs Vanderbilt        ranny/Taylor/Josh/Connor/Andrew .UT             Nash.Vandy
Missouri vs Iowa State          ranny/Taylor/Josh/Connor/Andrew/Nash.Mizzou         .ISU

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