Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Walk on The Wild Side

Take a look as we count down the 5 toughest places to play in college basketball.
1.And the number one toughest place to play is Cameron Indoor Stadium- Only holding 9,300 this place still knows how to be loud. Duke is home to the famous “Cameron Crazies.” Known as the most intimidating of all courts because it gets so loud as the highest volume recorded is 116 decibels. Which is more than a rock concert. Duke’s overall record there is 737-150 which is outstanding. The crazies are truly crazy, as they camp in tents outside the arena to get in. During the basketball season the area turns into “Krzyzewskviile” a makeshift village. During the game Crazies do not sit down they stand and jump around the entire game. Face paint and body paint and the loss of your voice is expected. The fans close proximity to the court makes it such a tough place to play. When an opposing team in inbounds a ball the crazies reach out, and on some occasions, touched players. Cameron Indoor is the toughest place to play in all the land.

2.The Carrier Dome- This dome has the most campacity of any on campus basketball arena holding 33,000 people. When Syracuse plays, their it is a sea of orange. Its so loud because of the dome structure. It is a football stadium so that can contribute to the massive number of people the fit in it.

3.Bramlage Coliseum or The Octagon of Doom- Holds as many as 13,000 people and gets rockin’ in a home game for those Wildcats. Before every game the fans sing Wildcat Victory which is very intimidating. Chanting at every possible moment this arena is tough to cope with. These rabid fans surround opponents from 8 sides, with their octagon signs and purple t-shirts. The fans provide one of the best environments in college basketball.

4.Rupp Arena- Holding 23,500 and the home of the Kentucky Wildcats. This is the “Cathedral of Basketball.” The largest arena in the US built specifically for basketball. The Wildcats are 445-80 in Rupp Arena making it almost impossible to win there. With the success of the recent wildcat teams, these fans are recharged.

5. Gallagher-Iba Arena- The home of the Oklahoma State Cowboys this place rocks with 13,000 people but has been named the “Madison Square Garden of the Plains.” Has been called the “rowdiest arena in the country.” These fans always have their guns up whenever the Cowboys are playing.-Wilson Cecil

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